1. English new year’s day
  2. Thaipoosam
  3. His Holiness’ Birthday
  4. Telugu New Year’s Day
  5. Tamil New Year’s Day
  6. Chitra Pournami
  7. Adipooram
  8. Navarathiri
  9. All Full Moon Days and New Moon days throughout the Calendar Year


In order to put into practice the objectives of the Siddar Peedam on a wide scale and all over the world, ‘AMMA’ directed the starting of  Weekly worshipping centres (mandrams) by the devotees in their own places ,where group prayers and worships are conducted at least once or twice a week. These worshipping centres are  affiliated to the Trust and  functions throughout the country and also abroad (Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, France, U.K., Australia.,U.S.A.,Dubai.,Switzerland  etc). There are 6000 and odd such worshipping centres spread around the world.


Amma has permitted and also directed certain ardent devotees to construct Sakthi Peedams or centres with sanctum sanctorum for the Mother Deity as in the Siddar Peedam. Amma has declared that these Sakthi Peedams should serve as branches of the main Siddhar Peedam of Melmaruvathur.

At present there are 55 siddhar sakthi peedams affiliated to the Trust are functioning throughout india.


Youth Wings are functioning at various centres with a view to mould young minds in the right path and save them from the clutches of drugs and alcohol and prepare them spiritually to face the day-to-day problems.The Youth wing which has been doing commendable services in promoting social welfare , participating in various kinds of selfless activities in the Siddar Peedam, Sakthi Peedams and weekly worshipping centres and helping in relief works in draught and famine stricken and earth quake affected areas undertaken by the trust. Apart from this the youth wing does countless services for the upliftment of the society. 


The Adhiparasakthi Trust publishes a Spiritual monthly called Sakthi Oli and a  Bi-monthly called Sakthi Malai which contains the preaching of Amma, experiences presence and the grace of Amma by devotees alike in their lives ,events of importance and significance in the Siddar Peedam,Sakthi Peedam and Weekly worshipping centres , and information on the various programmes and activities of the Adhiparasakthi orgnization.

Apart from this there are many spiritual books of Amma and mantra books are published.


To develop spiritual solidarity among all people of the world in the interest of and for the welfare of the world at large, to pray for rains and to develop natural resources, with the Blessings of the Supreme Mother and His Holiness, eight conferences have so far been conducted by the Trust. Mammoth processions and yagnas are conducted solely by women. Charitable activities are the highlights of these conferences. So far eight such conference were held in various places.


On the request of the devotees His Holiness had toured to USA, Malaysia, UAE and many places of Tami Nadu and Karnataka to give the blessings.


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