“When righteousnessHe is believed to be a POORNA AVATAR (holding all 16 qualities of an Avatar) and the incarnation of the Supreme power – ADHIPARASAKTHI. in the world gives place to unrighteousness, I will descend to Earth and be born there to restore righteousness once again.” ~ Amma’s Oracle

Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalar was born on March 3rd, 1941 at Melmaruvathur village to Sri .Gopala Naicker and Tmt.Meenakshi Ammal. He was the second child, and has a younger brother and a sister.

He is believed to be a POORNA AVATAR (holding all 16 qualities of an Avatar) and the incarnation of the Supreme power – ADHIPARASAKTHI.

The term ‘AVATAR’ means one who has descended to Earth in human form from the Spiritual Realm or God form to re-establish righteousness in the world and preserve the human race. Mother Adhiparasakthi, in her boundless grace, has therefore come down to this physical plane and taken human form as Sri.Adigalar, to re-establish virtue and instill spirituality, by making an example of Herself.

From a very early age, there were signs to show that H.H was not an ordinary child. In the Indian tradition, snake is considered to be fearful and also considered as representative of the divine. Sri.Gopala Naicker family saw enough evidence of the presence of the divine amidst before H.H. had reached puberty.

But soon, other evidence became manifest.


 When H.H was a young boy, he was sleeping alone, and his family went about their way, doing their daily chores. When his mother peeped through the window to see if all was fine, she was shocked to see a king cobra coiled around the child and she screamed. Sri Gopala Naicker, who was outside talking to someone, rushed in and was stunned at the sight. The snake and the boy seemed to be playing ! He prayed even as others looked for sticks to kill the snake with. “Oh Divine Mother, don’t harm the child. He is Yours. Save him,” Sri.Gopal Naicker prayed calmly. The snake seemed satisfied with the game and left the boy unharmed.

There is a Goddess Mariamman temple right across Sri.Gopal Naicker’s house. Every year ,the family would conduct special festivals for the Amman. That year when – H.H was a still young, school-going boy, they were celebrating the annual festival when suddenly the Divine possessed the young boy.

“Son!” he addressed his father, perplexing the elder man. Sri.Gopal Naicker was too naive to realise the power of the visitation. But, realising that the Divine was addressing him he respectfully heard her out as she said , “ through your son, i will wipe out the sorrow of the people. I shall bless the people with Divine words using your son as my vehicle.”

 Still stunned  Sri.Gopal Naicker asked but what about his education?

 “Don’t worry about education. I shall take care of that,” She assured him. Suddenly, the boy grabbed the heavy brass plate used for performing Deepa Aaradhana and twisted it with ease– an impossible task for a boy of that age.

 Humbled by this display of power, Sri.Gopal Naicker’s immediately said, “If you live on my lands, then we will be able to construct a temple and conduct festivals easily.” “So be it,” She replied instantly.


H.H.had been very attached to his elder sister, who died of smallpox at a young age.

 Everyday he would visit the site where she was buried. That day too, on returning from school he stuffed his pockets with roasted peanuts that his mother has made for him and headed for the spot. For a long time he sat there munching the peanuts. As evening shadows lengthened he started feeling thirsty. Though there were wells nearby, since he did not know to swim, he hesitated. Suddenly, an elderly woman who passed that way approached H.H. and offered water  to quench the boy’s thirst. He did drink water and slaked his thirst. He was surprised to meet a woman at an untimely hour and when he raised his head alas! There was no one there,As Gnanasambandar the child saint was fed with celestial milk by goddess Parvathi,H.H.voffered water by the almighty goddess.It was the first gesture by all powerful goddess.

 Once his parents took him to a temple festival a toy seller asked him what toy he wanted to buy and pointed to one it was devi Bhuvaneshwari and the idol became the first object of devotion

 In those days, chicken pox was associated with the Divine mother, and it was the custom  to read aloud the Mariyamman Thalattu(lullaby) in front of the patient. H.H. was called by one and all in the village to do the honor because of his extreme involvement when reading out the passages describing the mother.

Many years later, when he was training to become a teacher ,he experienced many different emotions thanks to the guidance of the mother. But the friends thought he was joking when tried talking to them about it. Several times he had fallen down because of the trance – like state he would get into.

 After completing the teacher’s training course he got a job as a teacher in Arapedu village near Achirupakkam.


“It is because Adigalar is a Family Saint that it gives credit to this Spiritual Organisation. It is best for you to participate in this spiritual movement as husband and wife”. ~ Amma’s oracle

On 4th September 1968, Adigalar married Selvi.Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Sri. Venkatachala Naicker and Srimathi Vishalakshi of Uthiramerur. They have two sons and two daughters who are also heavily involved in the Movement. The greatness of this Avatar lies in practising spirituality even as a family man.


H.H.started his oracle from 1970. Whatever Amma speaks is recognized by devotees as His oracle as all His words turned true to the core sooner or later. By His oracle, he solved the problems of many who came to Him for solution. Through the oracle, AMMA spread the faith in God and Spiritualism, give spiritual philosophy, cured many families from their diseases and curses.

His Holiness has said many Oracles .His oracles are about Spiritualism,Nature,Medicine and World affairs etc.And he says Oracles for individuals too.Here I am publishing few of his Oracle,which are common to mankind.

“From birth to death man undergoes seven stages.In all seven stages man requires spirituality”

“If you give a pistol to a child it will shoot itself.Similarly,if you do not keep your mind in control it will destroy you.Only through meditation and spirituality you can control your mind”

‘In the forest, a tiger will attack a goat,that is worldly life.But in the spiritual world a goat can control a tiger”

‘Scientific power will not give lasting benefits to mankind.Only spirituality will give you lasting power.Spirituality has more power”

“you need to understand yourself.That is why you require spirituality”

“Only spirituality can control the growing confusion in the world”

“Nature causes growth,science causes destruction.With your own hand you destroy yourself”

“Going against nature would lead to disaster”

“While meditating your mind gets distracted.Dont lose heart. Set your mind free.First it will move with the pace of a horse then like that of a deer.Then it will get stabilized.

By meditating you develop the art of tolerence,good nature,self-control”

“Meditation paves way to calmness”

People started realising that His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar  is the living incarnation of goddess Adhiparasakthi.

H.H. oracle’s and preaching’s contain radical but practical spiritual paths. But these are the words of the Divine Mother. He imparts spiritual practices geared to individuals depending on their level of maturity in spirituality. H.H preaches the path of Dharma (righteousness), Bhakthi (faith), Meditation (for self-realization) and Selfless Service to the society, which He emphasizes as the shortest route to attain Divinity.

He is the upholder of “Dharma in this Kaliyuga, the living God who has shown by practice that Spirituality is the blend of Devotion and Duty.

Duty is service to the deprived and to the downtrodden.

His objective is to carry spirituality to doorsteps of common man so that the human race as a whole is elevated.


Amma who is realized by devotees as an Avatar of Adhiparasakthi has performed many miracles to lakhs and lakhs of devotees, appeared in their dreams and cured even incurable diseases by a mere look or suggesting remedies beyond our comprehension and also solved innumerable problems in the lives of the devotees. The spiritual magazine “Sakthi Oli” from the Siddhar Peedam carries these miracles with proof indeed. Each devotee of this holy soil invariably has one or more miracles in their life to share with others. This can be understood only by personally experiencing Amma’s grace in one’s own life.

The greatest thing about Amma is His humbleness. Even though devotees see Amma as Adhiparasakthi’s Avatar, Amma is always humble that can be realized by one of His sayings, “I am just a servant to all”. That is Amma!


 A devotee performed Paadha Pooja to H.H Arulthiru Adigalar. When H.H  stood in the pan, His sacred body shook and shed tears in a few seconds. Amma said in an Oracle, that the tears were out of joy. When you do Paadha Pooja to H.H Adigalar, Adhiparasakthi Herself receives it. H.H an Avatar of Adhiparasakthi has performed miracles to Her devotees who have done Paadha Pooja.

 “H.H Arulthiru Adigalar’s Feet and the soil stepped on by Him have great significance. Today, you performing Paadha Pooja to H.H Adigalar did not happen just like that. It is a boon given to you for your past good karmas”


  • When devotees perform Paadha Pooja to H.H Adigalar, He accepts the performer’s sin and past karma and thus relieves them off those bad effects.
  • The holy water of Paadha Pooja performed to Amma is a life-long boon. It has cured many incurable diseases and solved many problems in the life of performers.
  • The holy water, when sprinkled in houses, lands, gardens, offices, clinics, and factories can ward off evil spirits and prevent calamities.
  • H showers His Grace to devotees who pray to His Lotus feet in picture.
  • H Arulthiru Adigalara’s birthdays, and as and when H.H Adigalar tours places outside Melmaruvathur, many get the benefit of performing Paadha Pooja in a common place like worship centers and some individuals in their houses. By doing Paadha Pooja to H.H, problems in family are solved. One’s own prarabtha karma sins are reduced.
  • When you perform Paadha Pooja to H.H Arulthiru Adigalar, the Siddhars, Saints, Gnanis, Rishis, Monks and above all, all Gods appear in subtle form to receive the Paada Pooja holy water.
  • When you do Paadha Pooja to H.H, Mother Adhiparasakthi Herself accepts it.



Earthquake In America

When a devotee went to meet Amma with another devotee to discuss some administrative issue. She suddenly intervened and told him,   “Ask your second son-in-law to sell his house in the US and shift homes immediately. There will be an earthquake there.”

 The devotee, perplexed, communicated this to his son-in-law and stressed that this was the Mother’s wish. The son-in-law initiated the process reluctantly, since he hadn’t been told the reason. Right enough, soon after the couple moved, there was an earthquake in the region. Not just natural disasters, the mother  has healed many with her powers, using just the neem leaf and her gentle touch.


 Dr..TP Meenakshisunndaram ,the first Vice chancellor of Madurai (Kamaraj) University, a disciple of Maharashi Mahesh yogi, visited the Divine mother out of curiosity. He saw the mother blessing devotees by passing neem leaves over their heads and gold ornaments materializing. She told him, ”This is not for you,” and continued with what she was doing.

 The next time he came, he was amazed to see her treating a woman with acute ankolysing spondilitis. The suffering lady was knotted in an ellipsoidal position and had to be carried to the mother. H.H. stepped on the lady and pressed her back twice. When he stepped down, the woman was able to stand on her own, erect!

Dr.TPM became an ardent devotee of the mother after she spoke to him once even without his seeking her out. Later in life , he  was suffering severely and was being treated for filariasis that was causing pain in the legs. Mother called a devotee and told him, ”He is suffering from cancer. Change the treatment”.

When he was admitted to the cancer hospital, he was  indeed diagnosed with cancer, but it was very advanced.”Tell him not to worry and bear the pain for some more time.

This is his last birth, ”She advised TPM abided by her advise and was even able to visit the Siddar Peedam after some time to get her blessings.


 Once a devotee wondered why mother used the neem leaf, like some village deity, for healing people. Though this was not said in Her presence, the All knowing one called the devotee and handed him a leaf.”Now close your fingers and open them again,  ”She commanded him. Much to his surprise, the leaf had turned into a black beetle that was alive and moved as per his directions on its movement.


 Mumtaz , a muslim lady, was married to a hindu, Balakrishnan. Once she developed a swelling in her right knee which no one was able to diagnose. At that time , an ardent devotee of the mother had a dream where he saw this couple in a devi temple. He narrated this dream to the husband and asked them to visit Melmaruvathur.

 When Mumtaz met the mother, she first chanted from the Koran in chaste Arabic and then correctly told the woman of how they had visited the various Devi temples in kanchipuram and Thiruverkadu. ”I shall cure you, ”she said and prescribed a medicine that cured the lady.

Not only did mother shower her blessings on this lady, but also stressed that all religions are equal in her eyes.

On another occasion, another well-educated Muslim gentleman visited the mother because he was suffering from cancer, and all medicines had failed him. When  he met the mother, she quoted from the Koran and then asked, ”Why have you given your name as Subramanian? All religious are the same. I am the mother, I am Allah. ”she also gave him the sacred ash to smear on his body, which cured him completely.

His Holiness’ Oracles and Miracles attract millions of devotees from all over the world who come to seek his blessings. Clad in a simple white shirt and a red dhoti sans all ornaments of a sanyasi, sadhu or Godman. He is a personification of Simplicity. His Holiness’ profound qualities of love, compassion and scarifies have led to His devotees calling HIM- ‘AMMA’.

 Amma is truly the loving mother of the Universe. Her love reaches out to every human not only in India but the world over.


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