Earthquake In America

When a devotee went to meet Amma with another devotee to discuss some administrative issue. She suddenly intervened and told him,   “Ask your second son-in-law to sell his house in the US and shift homes immediately. There will be an earthquake there.”

 The devotee, perplexed, communicated this to his son-in-law and stressed that this was the Mother’s wish. The son-in-law initiated the process reluctantly, since he hadn’t been told the reason. Right enough, soon after the couple moved, there was an earthquake in the region. Not just natural disasters, the mother  has healed many with her powers, using just the neem leaf and her gentle touch.


 Dr..TP Meenakshisunndaram ,the first Vice chancellor of Madurai (Kamaraj) University, a disciple of Maharashi Mahesh yogi, visited the Divine mother out of curiosity. He saw the mother blessing devotees by passing neem leaves over their heads and gold ornaments materializing. She told him, ”This is not for you,” and continued with what she was doing.

 The next time he came, he was amazed to see her treating a woman with acute ankolysing spondilitis. The suffering lady was knotted in an ellipsoidal position and had to be carried to the mother. H.H. stepped on the lady and pressed her back twice. When he stepped down, the woman was able to stand on her own, erect!

Dr.TPM became an ardent devotee of the mother after she spoke to him once even without his seeking her out. Later in life , he  was suffering severely and was being treated for filariasis that was causing pain in the legs. Mother called a devotee and told him, ”He is suffering from cancer. Change the treatment”.

When he was admitted to the cancer hospital, he was  indeed diagnosed with cancer, but it was very advanced.”Tell him not to worry and bear the pain for some more time.

This is his last birth, ”She advised TPM abided by her advise and was even able to visit the Siddar Peedam after some time to get her blessings.


 Once a devotee wondered why mother used the neem leaf, like some village deity, for healing people. Though this was not said in Her presence, the All knowing one called the devotee and handed him a leaf.”Now close your fingers and open them again,  ”She commanded him. Much to his surprise, the leaf had turned into a black beetle that was alive and moved as per his directions on its movement.


 Mumtaz , a muslim lady, was married to a hindu, Balakrishnan. Once she developed a swelling in her right knee which no one was able to diagnose. At that time , an ardent devotee of the mother had a dream where he saw this couple in a devi temple. He narrated this dream to the husband and asked them to visit Melmaruvathur.

 When Mumtaz met the mother, she first chanted from the Koran in chaste Arabic and then correctly told the woman of how they had visited the various Devi temples in kanchipuram and Thiruverkadu. ”I shall cure you, ”she said and prescribed a medicine that cured the lady.

Not only did mother shower her blessings on this lady, but also stressed that all religions are equal in her eyes.

On another occasion, another well-educated Muslim gentleman visited the mother because he was suffering from cancer, and all medicines had failed him. When  he met the mother, she quoted from the Koran and then asked, ”Why have you given your name as Subramanian? All religious are the same. I am the mother, I am Allah. ”she also gave him the sacred ash to smear on his body, which cured him completely.

His Holiness’ Oracles and Miracles attract millions of devotees from all over the world who come to seek his blessings. Clad in a simple white shirt and a red dhoti sans all ornaments of a sanyasi, sadhu or Godman. He is a personification of Simplicity. His Holiness’ profound qualities of love, compassion and scarifies have led to His devotees calling HIM- ‘AMMA’.

 Amma is truly the loving mother of the Universe. Her love reaches out to every human not only in India but the world over.


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