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The Holy-shrine Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peedam is situated at Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu, which is 92 kms south of Chennai on the NH-45. This place is being considered as holy for the past 2000 years. In this is place where 21 Siddhars, men and women, have their Jeeva Samadhi. These Siddhars belongs to various religions. This is the Holy Land where a lady Siddhar resides and blesses.

The Adhiparasakthi spiritual Movement  acts as a vehicle to spread Mother Adhiparasakthi’s divine messages to the world and serve humanity by helping those in need. Our Guru, lovingly known as Amma (Tamil for mother), is the guiding light and spiritual force of the movement. Amma is the embodiment of simplicity, love, compassion and sacrifice.

The principle preaching is “One Mother, One Humanity”. That is, the greatest form of worshipping God is through service to one and all irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion, gender, status or education.

The movement is therefore engaged in numerous spiritual, charitable and educational activities through the Adhiparasakthi Trust, and continually urges its devotees world wide to take an active stance in helping those in need.


In the lands of His Holiness at Melmaruvathur Highways there was a neem tree and a snake pit underneath .  One day in 1960s, milk began to ooze out from that Neem Tree.  Wonderstruck by the miracle, the people in the villages in and around Melmaruvathur drank that milk.  The milk was delicious although the neem tree is bitter.  It served as a medicine for curing the diseases of the people. The People Started realizing the Divine Power of the tree.

 There was a strong storm in Tamil Nadu on 28th November 1966.  The snake pit under the neem tree was got dissolved in the heavy rain. The neem tree from which the milk oozed out , got uprooted because of the storm and the Swayambu ( Swayambhu means “self-manifested” or that which is created by its own accord).emerged beneath the neem tree. People then understood that it was because of the power of the Swayambu, the milk had high medicinal properties and the place was sacred. Today’s sanctum sanctorum of the Siddhar Peedam is established in that place. The  Swayambu is situated right in front of Adhiparasakthi statue.

In 1971, the first Oracle was given through H.H. Adigalar and the Power prophesied that, ‘Its descending to earth was as a Mother and She should be worshipped as the Goddess Adhiparasakthi and the world would go through a spiritual revolution and a New Renaissance would emerge’.

Initially the Swayambu alone was worshipped for many years. Thereafter on 25thNovember 1977, the idol of Mother Adhiparasakthi was installed in the sanctum sanctorum. Mother Adhiparasakthi instructed the unique form of this idol through Her oracles. The idol is one metre tall, seated on a thousand-petal lotus seat, with Her right leg folded and the left leg resting on the lotus petal. The thousand-petal lotus signifies meditation. She holds the bud of a lotus in Her right hand and in Her left hand the chin mudra sign . Her hair is plaited and knotted upwards like a crown.


The Teachings of  H.H. lay stress repeatedly on one factor- Service to mankind as service to Mankind is service to God.The above Trust founded by H.H  in 1978 with the prime objective to spread spiritually and render social and commonly services irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion. His objective is to carry spirituality to doorsteps of common man so that the human race as a whole is elevated. Charitable activities are undertaken at all festivals and conferences held by the Trust .


In 1989 His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar founded the women’s Trust. It plays a major role in all Spirtual  activities of the Siddhar Peedam


  • Aid Appliances to the Handicapped.
  • Relief to victims of natural calamites like flood, drought, fire etc., during such disasters, round the clock medical assistance is also provided.
  • Charitable Homes for the Handicapped, Orphans and Aged.
  • Free marriages for the poor.
  • Free distribution of plough, sprayer, ploughing bulls, pumping apparatus to farmers
  • Renovating dilapidated temples
  • Distributing food and clothing to families affected by ravages of nature
  • Donating books and clothing to poor children
  • Giving crutches and other help to the handicapped
  • Assisting poor farmers and artisans with implements
  • Running crèches and orphanages for children and homes for the aged.
  • Performing last rites in ceremonial manner for orphans and weaker sections and providing spectacles to poor.
  • Free food (Prasadam) is served to all devotees visiting the Siddhar Peedam in the noon and also food is served free for lakhs and lakhs of people during festival days.



Adhiparasakthi has declared in her oracle that she is not restricted by Agama rules (common rules governing the construction of different structures of a temple).  The structures in the Siddhar Peedam are established according to the Divine orders of Adhiparasakthi. The structures like Kodimaram (Flag Post) Balipeedam (place of sacrifice) and Vahanangal (Vehicles) are not present here.


Right at the entrance and in front of the Siddhar Peedam there is “OmSakthi” stage with the Trident in the centre.  Since the Adhiparasakthi is the Mother Origin of every God and Goddess, there is no Navagrahas (9 Planets termed as Planetary Lords) stage in Siddhar Peedam that are usually found in all other Hindu Temples. The Mother has ascertained, “Those who surrender to me, need not pray to the planetary Lords. They are just my officers who carry out the work of implementing my Law of Karma. If you go round the Omsakthi stage all navagraha bad effects will get reduced or nullified.”


In the sanctum sanctorum, Mother Adhiparasakthi is seated on the Lotus Peedam. She showers her blessings sitting in the posture of folding the right leg and letting the left leg down.  Keeping the left leg down signifies that Mother Adhiparasakthi has the highest place in everything.  She holds a lotus bud in the right hand signifying gnana (wisdom) and keeps Chin mudra sign (Index finger touching the thumb and other fingers stretched out) in the left hand.And the Swayambu is situated right in front of Adhiparasakthi statue.  Anointment (Abishekam) and Archana (pooja) are performed to Adhiparasakthi statue and Swayambu everyday.


The structure with snake pit inside is on the right side  of the sanctum sanctorum.  Here Adhiparasakthi resides in the form of cobra. It is in this Divine Place that Adhiparasakthi delivers  her oracle.


To the right of putrumandapam is the Saptha Kanniyar Temple (Saptha means seven and Kanni means virgin. Kanniyar is plural for virgins). They are the accompanying angels of Adhiparasakthi.  The details about them are as follows: (1) Lord Brahma’s Power-Brahmi (2) Lord Vishnu’s Power-Vaishnavi (3) Lord  Maheswaran’s Power-Maheswari (4) Lord Kumaran’s Power- Kowmari (5) Lord Indra’s Power- Indhrani (6) Lord Varaha’s Power-Vaaragi (7) Lord Rudra’s Power-Chamundi. Normally the temple of the virgins will never have a roof. So also this temple of the virgins, with wall on four sides has no roof.


Naga Peedam is situated behind the Putrumandapam.  Upon worshipping the deity in the Naga Peedam by lighting lemon lamp, the devotees can gain the benefits of worshipping three Godesses Kanchi Kamakshi, Kasi Visalakshi and Madurai Meenakshi thereby nullifying family related problems and fostering unity within the family members.


This Divine place is situated in the North west corner of the Siddhar Peedam. Here devotees perform Padha Pooja to His Holiness for getting the blessings and  Divine guidance to get rid of  their personal problems.


This small temple is situated opposite to the Omsakthi Stage of the Siddhar Peedam. People who are affected by the impact of witchcraft and black magic will be cured if they worship this form of Goddess.



Melmaruvathur is a miraculous place where Goddess Adhiparasakthi has incarnated in the human form (Avatar) as Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar (fondly called as ‘AMMA’ meaning mother in Tamil symbolizing his motherly affection to one and all), and provides solutions to the innumerable multifarious problems of human beings.


The name Siddhar Peedam” is used instead of the conventional word “temple” since 21 Siddhars (Highly evolved souls or God realized beings similar to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed or Great Spiritual Masters/Gurus) belonging to various religions are in Jeeva Samaadhi (leaving the mortal body but living in astral plane) here. Thus this Siddhar Peedam is not considered to be a Hindu Temple, and welcomes people of all religions under the proclamation “ONE MOTHER ONE RACE”


Whoever visits Melmaruvathur, they will observe everywhere the uniform colour ‘RED’ worn by the devotees symbolising the colour of blood which is common in all human beings irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion or other discriminations hence all are same.


One of the unique features of this Siddhar Peedam is that it does not have appointed  priests to perform or conduct daily prayers unlike other temples. The devotees (including women) themselves are allowed to perform archanas and abishekams in accordance with the procedures laid by the Mother Adhiparasakthi through Her Oracles. To serve at the sanctum sanctorum, each one of the 6000 odd worshipping centres (mandrams) is allotted a day.


Amma has said one of the reasons for her incarnation is to uplift women folk in the path of spirituality. Women are given utmost importance in all the activities and  festivals of the Siddhar Peedam. Women can enter the Siddhar Peedam and do regular prayers at the sanctum sanctorum even during their menstrual periods (which is prohibited in Hindu temples all over the world). Amma has told that it is only a natural process in the human body and there is no need to prohibit women from worshipping God during this nature-given process.

Women have significantly attained and conquered unscaled heights in Spiritualism – performing Yagnas. Kumbhabishekams and Archanas in the Sanctum Sanctorum at this siddhar peedam.


The prayers are performed by reciting the mantras in simple Tamil language.



  1. English new year’s day
  2. Thaipoosam
  3. His Holiness’ Birthday
  4. Telugu New Year’s Day
  5. Tamil New Year’s Day
  6. Chitra Pournami
  7. Adipooram
  8. Navarathiri
  9. All Full Moon Days and New Moon days throughout the Calendar Year


In order to put into practice the objectives of the Siddar Peedam on a wide scale and all over the world, ‘ÄMMA’ directed the starting of  Weekly worshipping centres (mandrams) by the devotees in their own places ,where group prayers and worships are conducted at least once or twice a week. These worshipping centres are  affiliated to the Trust and  functions throughout the country and also abroad (Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, France, U.K., Australia.,U.S.A.,Dubai.,Switzerland  etc). There are 6000 and odd such worshipping centres spread around the world.


Amma has permitted and also directed certain ardent devotees to construct Sakthi Peedams or centres with sanctum sanctorum for the Mother Deity as in the Siddar Peedam. Amma has declared that these Sakthi Peedams should serve as branches of the main Siddhar Peedam of Melmaruvathur.

At present there are 55 siddhar sakthi peedams affiliated to the Trust are functioning throughout india.


Youth Wings are functioning at various centres with a view to mould young minds in the right path and save them from the clutches of drugs and alcohol and prepare them spiritually to face the day-to-day problems.The Youth wing which has been doing commendable services in promoting social welfare , participating in various kinds of selfless activities in the Siddar Peedam, Sakthi Peedams and weekly worshipping centres and helping in relief works in draught and famine stricken and earth quake affected areas undertaken by the trust. Apart from this the youth wing does countless services for the upliftment of the society. 


The Adhiparasakthi Trust publishes a Spiritual monthly called Sakthi Oli and a  Bi-monthly called Sakthi Malai which contains the preaching of Amma, experiences presence and the grace of Amma by devotees alike in their lives ,events of importance and significance in the Siddar Peedam,Sakthi Peedam and Weekly worshipping centres , and information on the various programmes and activities of the Adhiparasakthi orgnization.

Apart from this there are many spiritual books of Amma and mantra books are published.


To develop spiritual solidarity among all people of the world in the interest of and for the welfare of the world at large, to pray for rains and to develop natural resources, with the Blessings of the Supreme Mother and His Holiness, eight conferences have so far been conducted by the Trust. Mammoth processions and yagnas are conducted solely by women. Charitable activities are the highlights of these conferences. So far eight such conference were held in various places.


On the request of the devotees His Holiness had toured to USA, Malaysia, UAE and many places of Tami Nadu and Karnataka to give the blessings.


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