Worshipping Centres

Worshipping centres Micro-Units in different parts of the world. Periodic prayer meetings and religious activities in these centres generate spiritual waves, spreading spirituality throughout the world.  

His Holiness, The Adigalar goes on spiritual tours to Sakthi Peedams, in the country and abroad for gracing His devotees with His blessings and personal interactions. During such tours, He also conducts temple consecrations and Yagnas. The world witnesses grand spiritual processions wherever He visits. The Divine Mother has promised that, soon, the Melmaruvathur Peedam will become the centre for spiritual revival. The road has already been paved, for the movement to take the world by storm.

Sakthi Peedams

Amma has permitted and also has directed certain ardent devotees to construct Sakthi Peedams or Divine Centres with Sanctum Sanctorum for the Mother Deity, as in the Siddar Peedam. Amma has declared that these Sakthi Peedams should serve as branches of the main SiddharPeedam at Melmaruvathur.   

One of the highlights of the Peedam and the Trust activities is the feeding of the devotees every forenoon through the noble activity of ANNA DHAANAM (feeding the poor and hungry). Anybody can contribute and specify the choice of food to be served. The feeding happens on a larger scale on all special occasions also. More details can be viewed under the head ‘Festive Occasions’.

Youth Wings

Youth Wings are functioning at various centres with a view to mould the young minds in the right direction to save them from the clutches of drugs and alcohol; and to prepare them spiritually to face the day-to-day problems. They carry out relief works in draught and famine-stricken areas, and earth quake affected areas.

Spiritual Magazines

One of the ways, the voice of The Divine Mother, the activities of the Peedam and the various houses reach the world is through different publications of the Peedam. Sakthi Oli is a monthly magazine that is circulated far and wide; Sakthi Maalai is a fortnightly publication enabling volunteers and Worshipping Centres to share information. Other books and publications form a source of information on personal experiences with The Peedam and Amma. One can subscribe to the various publications at the office in the Peedam.


Spiritual Conferences

The main focus of the Om Sakthi movement is to promote spiritual awareness and awakening. With this in mind, the Trust conducts many spiritual conferences to develop solidarity among the people and for the welfare of the common man. Being   part of this movement is like being a global citizen, always working towards the common good.  This is what The Mother desires. This is what The Mother aspires for and constantly tries to inspire in Her devotees.

Religious heads from different faiths have been part of these conferences. National leaders like former Indian presidents, GianiZail Singh and Shankar Dayal Sharma have also participated in these conferences in 1986 and ‘88, respectively.

Eight conferences have so far been conducted by the Trust to develop spiritual solidarity among all the people of the world and for the welfare of the world at large, to pray for rains and to develop natural resources. With the Blessings of the Supreme Mother and His Holiness, mammoth processions and Yagnas are conducted, solely by women. Charitable activities are the highlights of these conferences. So far, eight such conferences have been held at various places.

Amma's Spiritual Tours

On the request of the devotees, His Holiness had toured U.S.A., Malaysia, U.A.E and many places in Tami Nadu and Karnataka to shower Her Choicest Blessings and to propagate Her noble Teachings.

Social Activity