Uniqueness Of The Place

Divine Incarnation (Avatar)

Melmaruvathur is a place of marvel because Goddess Adhiparasakthi has incarnated Herself in the human form (Avatar) as Arulthiru Bangaru Adigalar (fondly called as ‘AMMA’ meaning mother in Tamil - symbolising His motherly affection to one and all), and provides solutions to the innumerable complex problems of human beings.

Beyond Religions And Boundaries –
One Mother, One Race

The name "Siddhar Peedam” is used instead of the conventional word “temple” since 21 Siddhars (Highly evolved souls or God realized beings similar to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed or Great Spiritual Masters/Gurus) belonging to various religions are in Jeeva Samaadhi (leaving the mortal body but living in astral plane) here. Thus this Siddhar Peedam is not considered to be a Hindu Temple, and welcomes people of all religions under the proclamation “ONE MOTHER ONE RACE”

Uniform Colour And Its Significance

Devotees throng Melmaruvathur and the Siddhar Peedam in RED robes or clothes. The red colour has been chosen to symbolise the pigment of blood, which is common to all human beings on this Mother Earth, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion or any other discrimination.

No To Priests

One of the unique features of this Siddhar Peedam is that it does not have appointed priests to perform or conduct daily prayers unlike in other temples. The devotees (including women) are allowed to perform Archanas and Abishekams themselves, in accordance with the procedures laid by the Mother Adhiparasakthi through Her Oracles. Every day, each one of the odd Worshipping Centres (Mandrams in Tamil) is given the noble task of serving at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Prominence To Women At The Siddhar Peedam

Amma has said that one of the foremost reasons for Her incarnation is to give a divine place to the women folk by involving them in spirituality. Women are given utmost importance in all the activities and festivals at the Siddhar Peedam.  Women are even allowed during their menstrual periods to perform regular prayers at the Sanctum Sanctorum (which is prohibited in Hindu temples all over the world). Amma emphasises that it is only a natural phenomenon which should not prohibit women from worshipping God and that would certainly pave way for their upliftment. Many women have significantly attained and conquered unscaled heights in spiritualism – performing Yagnas, Kumbhabishekams and Archanas in the Sanctum Sanctorum at this SiddharPeedam.