Siddhar Peedam’s Schema

Adhiparasakthi has declared in Her Oracle that she is not restricted by the Agama Rules (common rules governing the construction and consecration of the different structures in a Hindu temple).  It is said that the structures in the Siddhar Peedam have been established according to the Divine orders of Adhiparasakthi. The structures like Kodimaram (Flag Post), Balipeedam (place of sacrifice) and Vahanangal (the palanquins and such other similar structures to carry the presiding deities in a Hindu temple) are not present here.

The Om Sakthi Podium

The Om Sakthi Podium, with the Trident in its centre, stands vibrantly at the entrance and in front of the Siddhar Peedam. Since The Adhiparasakthi is the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses, there are no separate structures for the Navagrahas (the 9 planets generally termed as Planetary Lords, which can be usually seen in the Hindu Temples) in the Siddhar Peedam. The Mother has strongly ascertained, “Those who surrender to Me need not pray to the Planetary Lords. They are just My officers who carry out the work of implementing My Law of Karma. If you go round the Om Sakthi Podium, all the evil effects will be reduced in intensity or fully nullified.”

The Sancturm Sanctorum

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, The Divine mother, Adhiparasakthi showers Her Choicest Blessings from the Lotus Peedam. She showers Her Blessings in the ‘sitting’ posture folding Her right leg and letting Her left leg down.  Keeping the left leg down signifies that The Divine Mother Adhiparasakthi has the highest place in everything.  She holds the Lotus Bud in Her right hand signifying Gnana (wisdom) and depicts the Chin Mudra (index finger touching the thumb and the other fingers stretched out) in the left hand. The Swayambu is situated right in front of the Adhiparasakthi statue.  Anointments (Abishekam) and Archanas (pooja) are performed to the Adhiparasakthi statue and Swayambu, everyday.

The Puttru Mandapam

The Puttru Mandapam structure (Snake Mound) is to the right of the Sanctum Sanctorum.  Here Adhiparasakthi resides in the form of Cobra. It is in this Divine Place that Adhiparasakthi delivers Her Oracle.

Saptha Kanniyar Kovil (The Temple Of Matrikas)

To the right of Puttru Mandapam is the SapthaKanniyar Temple (Saptha means seven;Kanni means virgin;Kanniyar, the plural form means virgins). They are the accompanying Angels of Adhiparasakthi.  The details about them are as follows: (1) Lord Brahma’s Power-Brahmi (2) Lord Vishnu’s Power-Vaishnavi (3) LordMaheswaran’s Power-Maheswari (4) Lord Kuma-ran’s Power-Kowmari (5) Lord Indra’s Power- Indhrani (6) Lord Varaha’s Power-Vaaragiand (7) Lord Rudra’s Power-Chamundi. The temple of the virgins will normally be open atop, without any roof.  So also are The Virgins of this temple, with walls on four sides, but roofless.

The Naga Peedam

(Presiding Deity Seated On A 5-Headed Cobra)

Naga Peedam is situated behind the Putrumandapam.  Upon worshipping the deity in the Naga Peedam by lighting lemon lamp, the devotees can gain the benefits of worshipping three Godesses Kanchi Kamakshi, Kasi Visalakshi and Madurai Meenakshi thereby nullifying family related problems and fostering unity within the family members.

Arutkoodam (His Holy Abode)

The divine Arutkoodam is situated in the North-Western corner of the Siddhar Peedam. At Arutkoodam, the devotees perform Paadha Pooja to His Holiness for getting His Divine Blessings and Guidance to get rid of their personal problems.

Adharvana Badhrakali Temple

This is a small temple is situated opposite to the Omsakthi Podium of the Siddhar Peedam. People who have been affected and crippled by the negative forces of Witchcraft and Black Magic will be cured if they worship the powerful Goddess of this temple.